Comprehensive Energy Solutions & Project Development

Turn to Soleil Energy Solutions in Atlanta, Georgia, for detail-oriented energy solutions and project development. Our professionals are always available to offer excellent service, so work with us today!


Project Development

Our team has developed solar farms in North Carolina, served as consultant to projects in Georgia and helped develop all type of renewable energy projects in Europe and Latin America.  We have also served as consultants for partners in Africa and Asia Pacific. Our Project Management, Engineering, and Business Development expertise have given us the perfect blend to be successful. We have consistently met and exceed the expected returns and/or the IRR for our final investors.  

Energy Project Assistance

When it comes to co-developing energy projects, we have you covered. We are open to working with both national and international solar and renewable energy companies. Once you become one of our partners, we'll provide renewable energy developers to help secure development funds for your project. We will also use our ideal skillset to ensure your plan stays on track.

Energy Solutions - Project Development

International Partners

For international clients, we'll act as translators to US investors, as our experts are multilingual. They also understand the different business cultures in the overseas regions we service. This means that we can easily adapt our services to your specific practices.

Initial Project Requirements

Potential partners must have a viable project with the ability to secure a PPA (power purchase agreement). Moreover, you will have to already have a property location with site control and a workable business plan. If you are a local company, you must also show that you can work with and manage local government offices and regulators.

Contact us today for assistance with your renewable energy development project, which will be handled by our knowledgeable professionals.